What Our Customers Are Saying

We are proud of our 35+ years of providing quality workmanship and service to all of our customers, no matter the size of the job.  Providing quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is what matters most to us. Read what some of our customers are saying:

" I so enjoyed working with John Ramsay and his team @ Home Repair Now LLC. He is a real professional. He's cost effective, polite and always runs a clean workplace. He did whatever it took to complete the job properly, including calling on tardy subs, staying late to make deadlines, & personally getting involved when any issues arose. He basically helped to make house remodeling less stressful. As an owner, he was a complete dream to work with.

I would highly recommend him. I still call on him whenever my friends need a referral or I need some help with a project. He's the best. I just wish he lived in California where our new business is. "

Susan Hoff

Founder, Chairwoman & CEO

Best Buy Children's Foundation

Minneapolis, Minnesota



Fantesca Estate & Winery

Napa Valley, California


Wanted to share with you how we felt about our repairs.  

We had extensive damage to our home and garage when a killer storm came through our area.  

We hired John Ramsay to take care of the clean up and repairs.  We also had a vacation planned at this time that we could not cancel.

John and his people repaired my roof (main House) and attached porch.  Replaced the siding and did all the painting. Installed new gutters etc.

My wife and I were very satisfied with the work that was done and the ease for us with no worries or concerns during the entire job.

We highly recommend John to all our friends and acquaintances.

Bob & Jane Squillace- St. Paul, MN. 

I am a senior citizen with multiple disabilites and am living on a fixed income. 

When I broke my hip and ankle this Spring, the therapists wanted some extra bars put in the bathroom and next to my bed.  I also needed some way for me to get out of my Lazy Boy chair.

I called John and he came over to see what I needed.  He installed the safety bars and came up with a great way for me to use the arm on the Lazy Boy!  It really helped me to be able to stay in my home after my fall.

John did a great job and his rates are very reasonable!

Delores Peterson - St. Paul


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